Manifesting requires you to have your head fully and completely in the game, as you write out your intention, set goals, visualize success and achieve!

THE SUBJECT OF manifestation has been brought into the mainstream by successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. Even so, while you may be familiar with the term, for many, it has never been considered as a sound business practice, though it should be! Manifestation is not wishful thinking but rather the intention of progress. By definition, manifestation is simply turning a goal into a reality. It’s not magic but rather taking the steps needed to achieve the objective you desire. It is using the Law of Attraction and your confidence to bring about a tangible result, but it is more than simply positive thinking.

Manifesting is turning your target goals into realities and it requires not only your thoughts and intention but your actions and emotions—all in! It requires acting and feeling as if you already have the desired outcome, doing whatever is needed to move toward the goal—and the hardest part—letting go of any and all attachments to the outcome. It is also important to realize turning your goals into your reality isn’t instantaneous but requires time and effort.

How does all this apply to business? Manifestation can help you achieve your dreams, both in business and in life; in fact, there is nothing that cannot be manifested, including business success. Manifesting requires you to have your head fully and completely in the game, as you write out your intention, set goals, visualize success and achieve!

Step 1: Mindset And Visualization

Step 1 is the visualization of your mindset—that is—acting toward and feeling for the desired outcome. Oprah Winfrey describes it this way, “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”To begin, you must have a positive mindset and know what you want. You have to be clear on your goals. Positive thinking only works to boost the manifestation, opening up greater opportunities for you. Be specific, clear and concise as you set your intention. Know your capabilities, access your knowledge and believe in your value, potential and ability.

Write it all down, document your intention and create a vision board for your aspirations. Develop a business plan to achieve your business goals. Recording it all on paper in a visual, tangible way helps you rank and complete tasks in their order of importance and keeps you focused on your goals. Finally, as you set specific goals, write when you want to achieve them, and believe you will succeed.

Step 2: Take Action

With your intention set and your goals recorded, you are ready for manifestation step two: doing the work and moving towards your goals. Consider the steps you need to take toward your goals, add them to your daily routine and begin the journey toward business success. The steps may include furthering your education, networking within your industry, getting the financial backing you need or preparing for a new job interview. Take daily actions in the right direction.

Another constructive step is thinking positively, framing your thoughts toward your goals and channeling your future self. It is all part of the Law of Attraction and can help keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your goals. As you visualize your future success and take action, support your manifestation with affirmations to help your subconscious mind remain focused and inspired toward your goals and business success.

Lastly, with limiting beliefs gone, the final step is gratefulness followed by generosity. Always acknowledge with thankfulness whatever you receive toward your business success. A grateful heart is a heart empowered by joy and allows you to focus on what you have and be thankful for everything while maintaining your focus on the successes yet to come. Generosity is a crucial part of gratefulness, for as you give back, you can attract more and achieve greater abundance in your life.

You can master the art of manifesting business success; set your intention, make your plan, abolish negative thoughts, practice gratefulness and generosity and make your goals a reality. Let the words of Richard Branson inspire you as you practice the fine art of manifesting business success, “If people are crazy enough to dare, impossible things happen.”

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